How To Find People Who Are Looking For What Your Website Can Provide!

Getting Targeted Traffic Today...

What is Targeted Traffic?

In earlier pages, we talked about that hungry market of potential customers seeking the product of service you’re marketing; targeted traffic is when that type of potential customer visits your Website. This page is about finding that traffic and funnelling it to your Website by the most economical methods.

There are two basic types of targeted traffic that you need in abundance::

  • Purchased traffic
  • Free traffic

There are also two types of media used for obtaining targeted traffic:

  • Online – Activities carried out over the Internet
  • Offline – Traditional methods that are mostly in hard copy, printed media

There are far more methods of obtaining targeted traffic than the average Website uses, and we list the majority of them here, together with ways to implement them. You are advised to concentrate on a few methods at the start, and expand your range as required over time.


The Traffic You Don’t Want

You have probably not thought about it, but the vast majority of traffic you really don’t want to visit your Website. This is not only because most traffic is untargeted and thus unsuitable, but the cost of having millions of visitors a month is horrendous.

  • Your hosting bills will go through the roof
  • The Website will grind to a halt through lack of bandwidth
  • People will not be able to open the home page, and cancel the attempt, thinking you’ve gone out of business!

The theory behind those SPAM e-mails you get is “throw enough mud at the wall, and some will stick”, and perhaps a few people per million e-mails will respond. That is not good enough for you, because you want to convert at least 10 visitors per hundred, not a handful per million!

This is also a reason why many of those ‘mailing lists’ you see advertised are absolutely no good for you, because they’re just not targeted and you’ll usually get a poor response from mailing them your newsletter, however good the offer it contains.

The moral is, ignore offers of massive traffic, however exciting the lure of huge profits may appeal.



How to Define YOUR Targeted Traffic

Every Website has its own unique requirements for defining their targeted traffic, and here you learn how to define yours. Once you have set the parameters for your targeted traffic, you can apply them to offers of traffic from other sources, and see if they fit.

The best way to define your targeted traffic is of course through the use of those keyword phrases they are likely to use, when searching for the product or service they need. You must take care in selecting those keywords, because the wrong choice can give disastrous results.

On our Website, for example, during 2010 we had over 120,000 visitors who used over 500 DIFFERENT keywords to find the Website! With a search on Google Analytics, however, we discovered that 65% of the traffic came from the Top 10 most used keyword phrases. Naturally, those are the ones we major on using when generating targeted traffic, ignoring the other 490 keywords in most instances.

You will have virtually no traffic at the start of operations, but you can get an idea of the best words to use from careful searches on Google, and from an examination of other Websites in your niche. When you have a list of 8 – 20 keywords, you’re ready to start creating targeted traffic.


The Best Thing to do with Your Traffic

Before you start to create your traffic, however, you need to determine exactly what you want from them, when they arrive at your Website all dewy eyed and expectant.

In one of our Websites we sell ‘off the page’ and because the product sells for less than £7 ($12) we find it better this way. On other Websites, it is more economical to collect names and e-mail address, building mailing lists for our various newsletters.

If your Website business function is working as an affiliate, selling other people’s products on commission, as we confirmed earlier, it is better to build mailing lists that you own. In this and following modules, you’ll discover the cast benefits of owning mailing lists, which become vast treasure troves year after year.


The Top 5 Ways of Building Lists

Once you agree that the best action a visitor can take on your Website is to provide you with their name and e-mail address, you next need to know the best ways to accomplish this. There are many ways, and we detail the best 5 methods below. You are advised to test each method to determine the one that gives the best result.

The best result is not always the one that provides the most names, but the one that provides the most annual profit per name. This means your test cannot be conducted over a weekend, but must be carried out over a period that collects at least 500 names. You must then market to each list with sufficient newsletter mailings to provide tangible results, before making a decision.

When you’re selling as an affiliate, you can examine your merchant’s Website and checkout their method for collecting names. They will (hopefully) have done all the hard work of testing list-building methods, so they one they concentrate on is perhaps the one you can start with.

The best way 10-years ago was the offer of a free subscription to a Newsletter on the topic/subject of that Website, but this has been devalued in most visitors eyes, because of the poor quality of publications with very little new content. The top 5 ways of building lists according to research on numerous Websites over the past decade are without doubt, access to:

  • Free Report (5 – 24 pages)
  • Free eBook (25+ pages)
  • Free Video (YouTube is an ideal place to host it)
  • Free CD-ROM or DVD (Posted, or downloaded)
  • Free Audio message, with or without transcripts

Whatever free gift you offer in return for the visitors name and e-mail address, it must be of excellent quality and contain interesting information and photographs on the main subject advertised on that Website.



The 10 Best Ways to Get Targeted Traffic

There are numerous methods of obtaining valuable targeted traffic for your Website(s), and over 100 are provided in this module. The objective of most students on this course is to build Websites, selling products and providing passive income. They aren’t looking to build Websites needing hours of work per day on a permanent basis.

The 11 best ways to get targeted traffic for a Website providing passive income are:

  • Content
  • SEO
  • CPC Adverts
  • Free Gift
  • Articles
  • Directories
  • Links
  • Press Release
  • Video Marketing
  • Blog on your Website
  • Social Network pages

You can learn more about each of these and much more on our course. Please click on the following link for more information:


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