How To Advertise, Promote, And Market Your DVD or CD-ROM To People Who Will Buy It!

Give them a Professional Appearance...

Two Distinct Markets

There are two major DVD/CD-ROM markets you must consider when you publish your finished interactive Disc:

  • The vast, worldwide, consumer market
  • The massive business market.

The consumer market is likely to purchase one Disc for personal or family use, and if they like it you have every chance of getting a repeat order for new titles that you may publish from time to time.

The business market can purchase multiple copies of your Disc, or commission you to create and publish an interactive CD-ROM or DVD to their specification.


Sell from Your Website

If you plan to sell your DVD or CD-ROM on the Internet, you will require a dedicated Website. It is also useful if the name of the Website is the same or similar to the title of your Disc.

The experts say a short name is better and easier to recall, and will generate more traffic. Unfortunately, most of the short names are already taken as .com extensions, and many of the other short name extensions like .biz or .info are owned by cyber-squatters looking to make a quick buck.

However, these same experts are not averse to using very long names for their own dedicated websites, so there must be some merit in them! Usually, these long name Websites are phrases that you readily remember, like "How to get rich" or "Make money from home".

If you require to use an extremely short URL for e-mail and newsletter marketing, you can obtain one from; a name that is growing in popularity. There are also many competitors for in the small URL market, so do some research.

A simple method you can use with your own Website, maintaining corporate identity and better credibility with your visitors is to create a simple folder. For example, if you have a coaching DVD on swimming:

You can even write it without the http:// and use —

In the folder named 'swimming' on your Website, you publish all your information on a file called index.html and when people click on the link, that file will open in the Internet browser.


Internet Marketing

The great advantage of marketing your Disc through the Internet is the worldwide market that immediately becomes available to you, and this can increase you sales considerably. Do not neglect checking all the CD and DVD vendors, Directories, and even competitor Websites because many of them are keen to add quality products to their list. They make the sales and you keep a large percentage of the income!

The range and scope of Internet Marketing is vast, and there are many people making a handsome living from creating and monitoring this aspect of business for other people. You can join their ranks when you become an expert.

The methods used to market an eBook can also be followed to market your CD or DVDM on the Internet. Click here to see those methods.


Work Your Local Region

You can make tremendous weekly profits by supplying local wholesalers and retailers with supplies of your CD or DVD on a consignment or 'sale-or-return' basis and many millionaires started their business in exactly this manner.

People very often like to touch before they buy, and even with a CD or DVD they prefer to handle the actual article before parting with hard cash. So don't neglect selling through local retail and wholesale outlets—they're always on the lookout for new products to sell.



Try Computer Magazines

Many of these publications provide their readers with a free CD-ROM or even DVD, which is stuffed with software, eBooks, and other goodies. Many readers only buy the magazine for this give-away!

The CD-ROM editor spends a lot of time reviewing software for a review or inclusion on the next issue, and here's where you can score—big time! Make a mini-demo version of your CD-ROM that provides the user with a taste of what your complete program can do for them, and offer it to the magazine as a free inclusion for their readers.

These magazines have circulations of 90,000 to 120,000 each month—imagine if 10% of them buy your full CD-ROM after trying out the demo...

You can include a link to your own Website, or purchase forms, etc., in the Demo and often the magazine will include your details in their written review within the magazine—if it's newsworthy, of course.

You can advertise your CD-ROM inside the pages of the many computer related magazines, but you'll find this costly and more than likely not very productive.


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