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Start with the Basics...

There is much more to this topic than simply publishing a movie with the software that comes with your computer. This CD-ROM and DVD Publishing section of this Website provide you with detailed information on the various aspects of:

  • Writing and selecting Content
  • Compiling with good Layout and Navigation
  • Creating with Authoring Software
  • Publishing, Marketing and Promoting this product
  • How to be a successful Digital Media Consultant

You can also learn more about the massive commercial market in your own area that is largely untapped. It is a market-sector where an entrepreneur with very little capital can make an excellent full or part-time income.


What is a CD-ROM?

The name CD-ROM is an acronym for Compact Disc — Read Only Memory. Technically, it is a thin metallic coated plastic disc with a high storage capacity of 650 to 700 megabytes that uses laser optic technology to read the data.

Your home computer can be equipped with a CD-ROM burner that can easily create high a quality CD-ROM, which can contain many forms of information, including: Data, Audio, Movie, Images, Photographs, and more.

For personal use, you can store information on a CD-ROM with R-W capacity that enables you to write over existing data. Many people use these for backing up data, or storage of information for the future.

The media was introduced to the market around 1990 for the vast music market. The next decade saw the swift demise of the music cassettes, which were replaced by the digital CD-ROM. Apart from clearer, crisper output, the CD-ROM was not troubled by the vagaries of the cassette, like tape stretching, twisting, or breaking, and reproduced original sounding music every time it was played. It is still the popular medium for music today.

It did not take long for the movie industry to catch-up, and they provided digital versions of VHS movies on 2 or 3 CD-ROM discs. This were very popular, but only for a short period, because of the introduction of the DVD.


What is a DVD?

DVD is the acronym Digital Video Disc. The popular single layered version can store up to 8.7 GB (4.38 gigabytes) of data, and the double layered version can store 17GB.

DVD Single layer capacity Dual/Double layer capacity
Physical size GB GiB GB GiB
12 cm, single sided 4.7 4.37 8.54 7.95
12 cm, double sided 9.4 8.74 17.08 15.9


GB in the above charts means gigabyte (1,000,000,000 bytes); GiB is used for gibibyte, which is equal to ( 1,073,741,824 bytes).

DVD's are used mostly for the provision of movies and with the advent of larger disc sizes and specialist publishers like Blu-Ray, you can now publish movies of the highest quality and definition. A standard DVD has a screen resolution of 720 x 480 pixels and because they have a bit-rate approaching 10 Mbits/second they can look good even on your TV monitor with a larger screen. Blu-Ray and other high-definition videos have a resolution of 1280 x 756 or even higher, according to the original movie.



Compilation Discs

There is a growing market for CD-ROM and now DVD compilations, which can include a selection of eBooks in a specific genre. These can be sold on the Internet and through more traditional channels of mail order and retail shops.

The rapid development of digital cameras that take high quality photographs and movie, it is now possible for the small business to produce photographs and video clips for inclusion on a CD-ROM.

This means that your 'How To...' eBook can now be developed and marketed as an interactive CD-ROM or DVD including video and audio clips, photographs, and slideshows with an appropriate voice-over..

The active feature of a compilation disc is the Index or Contents page, which is linked to each program or eBook. This Index page is the one that opens when the disc is inserted into a player.

The sales price of this genre will range from £29.95 to £99 and more.



Interactive Discs

You need some good authoring software to develop a professional interactive CD-ROM or DVD that will respond rapidly and accurately to input from the user. There are numerous opportunities for developing this kind of product for clients you can source on the Internet in addition to local business people and organisations.

An interactive disc can be a development of an eBook and contain many show-me examples, or it can be a self-contained Course or Tutorial. The Student may be required to complete numerous assignments and tests on the disc, which can maintain their score, which can be uploaded to a Website, or sent by e-mail to a tutor.

A good interactive disc is the perfect teaching tool, because the Student can access it on their own computer and complete the Course in their own time. The sales price of this genre will range from £99 to £599 and much more.

The interactive disc often contains very similar information to a compilation disc or an eBook or series of eBooks on the same subject. However, it will command a much higher sales price. This is because of the added value of interaction and tutoring, which are integral parts of this version of CD-ROM.



Some uses for CD-ROM and DVD

The following list is designed to provide ideas to those people who are serious about CD-ROM and DVD applications, and is by no means complete:

  • Product Catalog with Order Form
  • Interactive Course material Teaching any Subject
  • Company and Organisation Brochure
  • A Presentation of ideas, products, services, and more
  • Company Manual - what to do, and how to do it
  • A Database of information on specific subjects
  • Business Cards
  • Trade show Giveaways
  • Conferences, Seminars, Lectures, & Workshops
  • Fund Raising Tools
  • Event Handouts
  • Subscription Incentives
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Self Promotion
  • New Product Launches
  • Public Relations Assistant
  • Website Traffic Generator
  • Information Gatherer
  • Kiosk Displays
  • Grand Openings
  • Marketing Piece
  • Company archives
  • Directories
  • Travel guides
  • Keynote Addresses and Speeches
  • Not forgetting Software and Movies


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