The Missing Billionaire

An Adventure set in the Amazon jungles

The Tickly Man is Coming - mystery and suspense

Sidney Witherspoon becomes a billionaire before he's 40 and is the most sought after bachelor in the States, but he goes on safari in the Amazon jungle, searching for a rare butterfly.

He loses his native guide and then he loses his way, only to find himself in the hungry hands of a tribe of head-hunting cannibals.The native chief offers let him live, providing he marries a couple of his daughters, and this is where his trouble really begins.

Meanwhile, back in Ohio, romance is in the air. His father, distraught at losing his only son, plans to re-marry in order to continue the family line. A new business associate from England falls in love with a horse ranch and the woman who owns it, but the new husband of his first wife chases after him for money.

This story takes place some fifty years in the future, and is packed with adventure, thrills, and a dash of romance from the same author who wrote the popular novel, "Michael's Irish Magic" also on Kindle.


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  • Title: The Missing Billionaire
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Brian Hunt
  • Category: Ficton—Adventure, Action, General, Mystery
  • Pages: 218 pages.
  • Format: eBook, Amazon Kindle (You can read on your iPhone, iPad, Notebook, PC, Mac, etc.)
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £3.96)



Reader's Comments

  • Jack Carmody: "The twists and turns in this story kept me turning the pages until I finished the book!."
  • Audrey Astbury: "The introduction of light romance and comedy turns an adventure story into a novel that one finds hard to put down. I shall download more books by this author.."
  • Arthur Grant: "I loved this story and now wait for part two of the Butterfly Trilogy."
  • Bernard Moore: "You won't believe it, but even my teenage son loved this story!"


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