Michael's Irish Magic

A Mystery and Fantasy set in Killarney, Ireland

Michael's Irish Magic

Patrick is down on his luck and penniless when he comes across an ancient thatched cottage in the deep countryside of County Kerry. There he meets an old woman who invites him to join her for lunch, and he gradually becomes enchanted by the spirits of previous inhabitants.

His luck changes from the first day he sets foot in the flower-filled gardens of the cottage, and although he doesn't realise it, his life will never be the same again. On each visit, he finds himself transported back to another time, where he seems to lose control over his mind and body to another person from the past - the iconic Michael Collins.

He becomes friendly with the landlord of the pub where he has taken a room, and with his magical change of luck, the customers all flock around him like bees settling on honey-dew.

Even the landlord's wife and daughter are enamoured with him! His business luck changes and all seems wonderful for him, but the magic at the cottage keeps drawing him back.

The day comes, when he has an opportunity to find true happiness with the girl of his dreams.


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  • Title: Michael's Irish Magic
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Brian Hunt
  • Category: Ficton—General, Mystery, Fantasy
  • Pages: 218 pages.
  • Format: eBook, Amazon Kindle
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £0.77)




Reader's Comments

  • Ron Willis: "I liked the way Andrew used his amazing new secret to win an athletics event in the search for his missing daughter. A real page-turner, with a great concept."
  • Allen MacIntosh: "Now that is something I wish I could have done when I was in my university athletics team! A great story, which I shall read many times."
  • Anne Croft: "Yes! I do like a novel that provides mystery, romance, and a few happy tears at the end.."
  • Marilyn Holmes: "This is an interesting story. I put it on my iPad, and read it through many times. I love it!"


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