Professional Decking Builder's Business Manual

Written by a Decking Builder for a Decking Builder...

Make Money Building Decks!You may already be a decking builder, looking to increase your income, or perhaps you've built your own garden decking and are now wanting to work full or part-time in this industry.

For anybody working as a decking builder, the Professional Decking Builder's Business Manual is an essential piece of equipment you cannot afford to be without. The biggest problems faced by most people in business today include finding customers, creating sales, and dealing the growing amount of paperwork that takes them away from both business matters and family needs. In fact, these three items are high on the list of why 95% of all new businesses fail within 5 years, but there is a solution...

"The Professional Decking Builder's Business Manual" is written by a decking builder for a decking builder, which means it is in simple, easy to read and understand sections that cut out all the small-print and gets straight to the heart of each problem with exciting and profitable answers.

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Make Money from Decking

You can increase your income, Today! This brand new business manual contains full details of this amazing new sales technique to attract new customers and gain you profitable decking orders. It is a proven system tried and tested by the author with tremendous success, bringing in two successive £10,000 orders at a time when the industry was suffering from the economic downturn.

"The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” is published to show you exactly how to operate your decking business. This concise manual is a blueprint for success in this industry with sections on all the vital elements:

  • ENQUIRIES: Discover the 17 proven ways to get decking enquiries from new customers ORDERS: Learn 5 proven successful methods of quoting and getting orders
  • INTERNET: Why selling and marketing over the Internet is becoming important to decking builders
  • TRADE-SECRETS: More than 50 vital decking tips and ideas that make the difference between profit and loss
  • FINANCES: A dozen sections on dealing with money, from start-up capital to business expenses
  • REPORTS: Simple business reports easy to keep, but show you exactly what changes to make to increase profits

This tremendous manual is perfect if you are a new builder in the early stages of creating a deck-building business, as it takes you through every step of the way from your business plan to counting your first year's profits! It is also excellent for experienced decking builders who find their business is in the doldrums and requires a strong boost to get it working profitably once again.

This manual has all the information needed to turn your business around and make it a success. If your decking business is already successful, you'll learn how the information in "The Professional Decking Builder’s Business Manual” can increase almost every aspect—from more enquiries, through larger decking projects, to greater profits.


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  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Authors: Brian Hunt and Andrew M. Hunt
  • Category: Business—Work from Home!
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-05-5
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, PDF
  • Price: £29.95 (Available today at only £7.95)






Customer Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of our Manuals and eBooks from readers worldwide:

  • Make Money from Decking

    “This book is fantastic value and the Business Ideas really got my brain working.”
    …Richard Ellis, Surrey. UK.

  • I wish this book was available when I was starting out, It is packed with ideas that I can use in my business today.”
    …Simon Morris, Sydney. Australia.

  • “I don’t read many books, especially eBooks, but I recommend ‘Make Money With Your Home Computer’ to everybody thinking of starting their own business.”
    …Francis Gates, Miami. Florida




The Author of this Bestselling Manual

Andrew M. Hunt - The Decking Man!The bestselling author of this title is Andrew M. Hunt, the Decking Man. He has published 8 decking manuals and has been designing and building decking projects since 1998. Andrew has designed thousands of decks, including displays at the Royal Hampton Court show, and has two great Websites displaying his work.

Today, Andrew only builds custom designed decking projects for high profile customers, but you can take advantage of his knowledge by purchasing this manual today.

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