Kate's Nude Awakening

From Fashion Model to Erotica by Melanie Griffiths


Kate's Nude Awakening! - erotic novel

When Kate Jefferson attends a business luncheon with her agent, she receives an unwelcome invitation from a wealthy magazine publisher. When she declines, she loses her modelling contracts and her apartment.

She is overjoyed when the handsome son of an English billionaire comes to her rescue with luxury accommodation and a New Year's holiday on the family holiday island in the Bahamas.

While 25-year old Kate is a modest person, she is far from a prude and apart from her previous boyfriend she previously enjoyed a number of interesting encounters, many of which ended up in bed. None of this prepared her for the amazing sexual actity that was accepted as the norm on the private island.

Her attitude towards life in general and sex in particular takes a u-turn, and she finds herself enjoying erotic interludes and passionate sex with members of either gender.

She makes some new friends and some enemies, whose advances become harder to ignore. As the holiday reaches its climax and the guests prepare to leave, a problem arises that precludes Kate from leaving and if she cannot solve it, she will have to remain on the island with its sexual predators.


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  • Title: Kate's Nude Awakening!
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Melanie Griffiths
  • Category: Ficton—Erotica, Romance, Adult Fiction
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, ePUB Kindle
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £0.96 read on PC, MAC, Kindle, iPhone, iPad etc.)


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Reader's Comments

  • "This story tells how Kate loses her boyfriend, her job, and her apartment just so an evil publisher can try to have his way with her, but she despises him. He then seeks his revenge!"
    ...Jack Winthrop, New York
  • "What an amazing novel. I could not stop reading it."
    ...Elizabeth Corning, Winchester.
  • "For me, the most exciting scene was with the butler...."  
    ...Neville Johnson
  • "This erotic novel is one that keeps you turning the pages…"  
    ...Norman Cheesewood, Alabama


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