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An Erotic Romance with Wife-Swap and FemDom

This new erotic romance from the pen of Jendai Rilbury tells the story of two couples living in Northern England in the early 1960’s who in the name of love, decide to swap partners. There was no plan, it just happened, but the lust and sex it aroused was amazing.

Grant is happily married to his 22-year old gorgeous wife, but when he meets up with the woman who seduced him a decade earlier, things get out of control. April just wants to settle down and start a family, and when a man more than twice her age makes some exciting promises, she is unable to resist.

Meanwhile, Joyce is approaching that time of life, when if she doesn’t find what she needs in bed very soon, it will be too late, because she’ll be on the shelf. She’s a domineering woman, but so is Beryl, and their tussle for the young man in both their lives is exhilarating.

Get your copy of this erotic romance today and read how Grant becomes dominated by the women it his life, and even enjoys it!.

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  • Title: In The Name Of Love
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Jendai Rilbury
  • Category: Ficton—Erotic Thriller, Adult Fiction
  • Pages: 126 pages.
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, PDF or ePUB
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £1.25 read on PC, MAC, Kindle, iPhone, iPad etc.))


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Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of the novel from readers worldwide:

  • "This novel starts off quietly and then erupts into lust, romance, and female domination.." 
    ...JM, Melbourne, Australia
  • "An adult erotic romance set in Northern England at the start of the wife-swap period." 
    ...Mary L. Oxford. UK.
  • "I really enjoyed reading this story, because it kept me involved right from the start. I just didn't know what was going to happen next.."  
    ...KR, Hull, UK
  • "Unpredictable action from start to finish. I can recommend this erotic romance."  
    ...JPR, Swindon. UK
  • "A fascinating read, not a page-turner, but an
    involved plot with interesting twists and turns" 
    ...Max. of London
  • "I loved the seduction scened of the young man
    and the older woman. This kept me turning the pages... "  
    ...AP of Birmingham. USA.
  • "I love this story - a truly great romance!
    ...R Price. Liverpool. UK.
  • "If you like femdom, this will keep you interested, because of
    the twists and turns, and the ready compliance."  
    ...LJ. Chicago. USA.


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