How To Get Targeted Traffic

This Business Manual is part of the "Internet Sales & Marketing" Series!

You can spend weeks or even months in designing, writing, editing, and publishing your Website online so you can sell your products and services to your happy visitors. But something goes wrong! Either you're getting the wrong type of visitor, or the visitors don't arrive at all.

What you need is targeted traffic culled from a market-place that is hungry for your specific products or services.

In this new book from Power College you will discover:

  • What is targeted traffic
  • The traffic you don't want
  • How to define your targeted traffic
  • Hungry markets for specific products
  • The best thing to do with your traffic
  • The 10 best ways to get targeted traffic
  • How to improve your Website for better traffic results
  • 101 Sources of targetted traffic
  • Websites with the information you need
    ...and much more!

This book is part of the "Internet Sales & Marketing" series of manuals from Power College, which is a division of Power Business Publishing.

When you get the right kind of visitors to your Website, you will start to get the results you were hoping for when you first decided to start your online business. This manual can help you accomplish that objective.


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  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Power College - Brian Hunt
  • Category: Business—Work from Home!
  • Pages: 63 pages.
  • Format: eBook, Amazon Kindle
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £0.99)


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Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of the eBook from readers worldwide:

  • “This business manual is good value and the 101 sources of targeted traffic set my mind off at a thousand miles and hour!”
    …Richard Morgan, Surbiton. UK.

  • "This book contains all the information needed to generate huge amounts of targeted traffic."
    …Alec Roberts, Michigan. USA

  • "If you want to have a successful Website that makes money 24/7 you need targeted traffic, which means you need this book!"
    …Harry Andersen, Holland.


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