How To Sell Stuff Online!

This Business Manual is part of the "Internet Sales & Marketing" Series!

What can you do when you have spent time and money in building a great Website to market your product and services, and developed an advertising campaign to bring in targeted traffic, but the business is not making enough sales and profits. In fact, you're in the red, or close to it, and if you can't turn the business around soon you're in a mess.

The answer is this new manual from Power College. It is "How To Create The Perfect Offer" for your Internet sales and marketing business. You don't exactly "make them an offer they can't refuse", but you can use the basic building blocks of creating the perfect offer for your own products, and in days you'll start to see the difference.

In this new eBook you will discover exactly what it is that makes a perfect offer and how to use it, together with supporting sales and marketing techniques that help to create more sales and profits.The manual contains sections on:

  • The 4 Questions Buyers Ask
  • What Makes a Great Offer
  • How to Establish your Credibility
  • How to Encourage Referrals
  • Direct Response Marketing
  • The 8 Active Components of your Offer
  • Advertising your Offer
  • Various Offers you can Use
  • How to Create a good OTO
  • How to Offer an Up-Sell Product
  • Don't Forget the Cross-Sell
  • The Window of Opportunity
  • More Free Targeted Traffic

...and much more!

This manual is part of the "Internet Sales & Marketing" Series from Power College. Download you copy today, implement the features and techniques, and see your sales and profits soar.

When you get the right kind of visitors to your Website, you will start to get the results you were hoping for when you first decided to start your online business. This manual can help you accomplish that objective.


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  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Power College - Brian Hunt
  • Category: Business—Work from Home!
  • Pages: 46 pages.
  • Format: eBook, Amazon Kindle (You can read on your iPhone, iPad, Notebook, PC, Mac, etc.)
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £0.99)


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Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of the eBook from readers worldwide:

  • “With this book by your side, you will no longer worry about shrinking sales!”
    …Ronald Own, Nottingham.

  • "This book contains massive ideas, tips and information on exactly how to market and sell any product online."
    …Arthur Royle, Michigan

  • "When your sales and profits are causing you concern, you need to read, study and implement the ideas in this great manual.
    …Norman Rose, Auckland.


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