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Into a Maelstrom of Sex and Lust in this Erotic Thriller!

Prim Helen Ashcroft considered herself happily married to Martin for the past eight-years, without a thought about other men, even though marital sex was now repetitious. It was also somewhat boring despite his latest trend for costumed role-play before he could raise an erection, never mind reach a climax.

Her fall from grace came during a tumultuous period of just ten days, when through uncontrollable circumstances she experienced unbelievable sexual encounters with nine different men and one woman. It wasn’t so much the maelstrom of sex and lust that disturbed her, it was the fact that she was enjoying it even though the partners were less than desirable.

It all began with the accidental death of a Japanese tycoon’s wife that started a run-for-life across America followed by murderous thugs and persistent police. When Helen and Martin were offered an outrageous plan to save them by a complete stranger, their first instinct was to ignore it, but it soon became the only way out. Little did they expect the complications and mayhem that followed…

Follow Helen's story as she succumbs to the sexual advances of a long succession of admirers of her almost perfect body. From the moment her husband agrees to a plan to grasp some money from his failing business, her spiral from housewife to sexual plaything began.

Each demanding partner was a new experience for Helen, teaching her a variety of skills and knowledge about sexual desires and lust filled copulation. With the rapid growth of her own sexual appetite during this short period, she had to decide whether to give in to her desires, or control them.

Get your copy of this erotic romance today, follow her fall from grace, and decide for yourself...

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  • Title: Her Fall From Grace
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Jendai Rilbury
  • Category: Ficton—Erotic Thriller, Adult Fiction
  • Pages: 245 pages.
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £1.25)




Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of the novel from readers worldwide:

  • "An erotic start to an erotic story that continues throughout this lusty novel.." 
    ...SK of New York, USA
  • "An adult erotic romance showing exactly what could happen and titillating adventure sex." 
    ...JS of Newcastle, UK
  • "I was hooked by the first chapter and had to continue reading right through to the end!."  
    ...BJ of Oxford, UK
  • "There are not many new ways to seduce somebody, but this story illustrates a number of ways to get a womand into bed!"  
    ...JPM, Sydney, Australia
  • "A fascinating read, we read it together in bed!!" 
    ...LR of London
  • "After that first chapter, we think of role-play in a new light..."  
    ...AF of Stockholm
  • "A most satisfying read. I've already read it 4-times!"
    ...KJM Plymouth, UK
  • "I've never read of a woman having so much sex in just one day!."  
    ...RY Cape Town, South Africa


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