An Introduction To Garden Decking

Some ideas on how to design your decking project

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The decking manual takes you through the various stages of designing and building good garden decking projects. If you are planning your first deck, then it is an excellent starting place for you to get some idea of how to set about it.

It includes a large section on various building regulations and permits that may be required in the UK, Australia, and the United States.

The worst thing that can happen, and has already happened to many people, is they design and build a deck only for the local government people to say it is illegal. There is no arguing, and you have to dismantle the complete deck!

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The 15 Stages of Good Deck Building

This manual provides detailed information on each of the stages of designing and building decking projects from start to finish. You miss a stage out at your peril, so get a copy of this manual today!

  • Getting Ideas for the shape, size, and design of your decking project
  • Deciding on which decking features to include, and those you can exclued
  • How to create your design and building plan
  • Drawing up a list of the materials required and costing them out to see if you're within budget
  • Checking regulations and permits
  • Preparing the site in your garden ready for the build to commence
  • Putting in the foundation supports for the decking
  • Do you need beams or joists, or both?
  • Constructing the access points to your decking
  • Adding on the various decking features
  • Ballustrades and guard rails
  • Laying the decking boards; straight, at an angle, or in a pattern — it can make a big difference
  • Those important fascia boards
  • Cleaning up the site after the build is completed
  • Time to seal the decking against the weather


  • Title: Garden Decking - Getting Startedl
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Andrew M. Hunt
  • Category: Garden, Home Improvement
  • Edition: Second Edition
  • Format: eBook, Kindle
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £0.98)


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Some Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of our eBooks from readers worldwide:

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    “I found your Website and eBook in 2006. I couldn't have built the deck with out the information that you provided. Thank you!.”
    …Nick & Marisca, Greece

  • "Your "Garden Decking" eBook was the inspiration and it was a great help through every stage; from initial design to final finishing touches! …Stue Watson, Berkshire UK

  • “We have built our deck and your eBook certainly did give us some great ideas and a lot of help in construction. We found the photographs impressive and useful.”
    …Linda & Keith Martin, Nottingham



The Author of this Bestselling Manual

Andrew M. Hunt - The Decking Man!The bestselling author of this title is Andrew M. Hunt, the Decking Man. He has published 8 decking manuals and has been designing and building decking projects since 1998. Andrew has designed thousands of decks, including displays at the Royal Hampton Court show, and has two great Websites displaying his work.

Today, Andrew only builds custom designed decking projects for high profile customers, but you can take advantage of his knowledge by purchasing this manual today.

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