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You Can Solve your Patio & Garden Problems with Designer Decking

Are you tired of struggling with your lawn and garden? Do you want to increase your home entertainment area? There is now a cost-effective solution just for you. “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas” is published to show you how to design new decking and transform your garden.

This adds many extra square metres to your living area the year round, substantially adds to the value of your home, provides a play area for adults and children alike, and helps solve problem lawns that struggle in winter and summer. This eBook is a blueprint for designing your garden deck. Within this informative in-depth manual, you will find hundreds of tips from dozens of decking builders, from simple plans to sophisticated projects.

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Before and After Photos

In “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas ”, there are photos on all types of decking illustrated in a completely unique manner. You see large images of the original garden with all its problems and discover exactly how an expert decking designer overcame them in an amazing series of "Before & After" photographs:

  • Narrow gardens and concrete paths with drains; see how to design the best decking
  • Old Patios, cracked, worn and prone to puddles hidden for ever beneath a full-width, multi-level deck
  • Steep, rocky slopes converted with a beautiful hanging deck
  • Lush lawns with surrounding trees and hedges show off your decking design to perfection
  • Discover how to design the perfect decking retreat in your garden
  • Learn just how to design all types of decking for gardens, poosl, and hot-tubs

...and much more!

You are taken through every stage of planning, designing, and building your own garden decking from start to finish. The eBook has countless beautiful colour photos of completed decks to give you plenty of ideas for your garden. There are also detailed photographs and drawings of the various stages of building genuine decks for real customers. These diagrams will show you exactly how to build your deck and the pitfalls to avoid.


Discover Special Features to Add

You get more Design Ideas with “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas”:

  • When to butt decking boards, and when to add a divider...
  • When and why to change direction of your decking boards...
  • Learn to overcome the building problems of ribbed or grooved boards...
  • Discover all the different patterns you can create with decking boards...
  • How to best include a hot-tub or spa in your design...
  • Why a balustrade will improve your deck design...
  • Look at the difference a gazebo or pergola can make...
  • How a decking project can benefit from a bamboo screen or timber fence...

...and there is much more!


How Much Does it Cost?

When you hire a decking builder or designer, you have to pay for all their labour, travel, and other services. Their design fees can range from £150 to £350 and much more. You can save all these fees and more for just £7.95 when you order today.

Discover all the important trade secrets to deck design and make sure your decking is absolutely the best possible for your house and garden. “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas” shows you how to design decks of different size and style, and you can ensure you include all the best elements for your home.

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  • Title: Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Andrew M. Hunt
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-03-1
  • Category: Business Manual — Homes/Gardens
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, PDF
  • Price: £19.95 (Available today at only £7.95)




Some Reader's Comments

The following is a small selection of reviews of our decking manuals from readers worldwide:

  • “The designs and ideas in this decking manual helped me create my decking. It has two decks, with one higher than the other, and I managed to include steps and a balustrade. Thanks a million!.”…George Grainger, Ireland

  • "Your "Garden Decking Ideas" eBook was a great help through every stage of our project. I did an initial design and from then on it was simple...…Alicia Roberts, Lancashire UK

  • “We have built our deck and your eBook certainly did give us some great ideas and a lot of help in construction. We found the photographs impressive and useful.”…Linda & Keith Martin, Nottingham


The Author of this Bestselling Manual

Andrew M. Hunt - The Decking Man!The bestselling author of this title is Andrew M. Hunt, the Decking Man. He has published 8 decking manuals and has been designing and building decking projects since 1998. Andrew has designed thousands of decks, including displays at the Royal Hampton Court show, and has two great Websites displaying his work.

Today, Andrew only builds custom designed decking projects for high profile customers, but you can take advantage of his knowledge by purchasing this manual today.

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