Dancing Partners

An Erotic Romance by Jendai Rilbury


Clive Bateman is a reprobate, who is married to gorgeous Katrina, but spends nearly all his free time bedding other women - single, or married. It is a habit he started as a teenager, when first seduced by Jasmine, the wife of his employer.

In their free time together, Clive and Katrina enjoy ballroom dancing, but because of his roving eye and 'two left feet', they have never been successful. Roger and Jasmine Harris and expert dancers, and when Katrina dances with Roger for the first time, both her heart and feet are floating on air. He is the perfect dancing partner.

When they enter a dancing competition at the Winter Gardens Ballroom in Blackpool, the sparks begin to fly and lives begin to unravel and take on new directions and completely new meanings. Two of the four sink lower into lives filled with sexual conquests and erotic encounters, while the other two make plans for a future as Dancing Partners.

Hollywood comes to town, and both the music and the action gets hot!

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  • Title: Dancing Partners
  • Publisher: Power Business Publishing.
  • Author: Jendai Rilbury
  • Category: Ficton—Erotica, Romance, Adult Fiction
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Format: eBook, PDF or ePUB Kindle
  • Price: £9.95 (Available today at only £1.25 read on PC, MAC, Kindle, iPhone, iPad etc.)


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Reader's Comments

  • Margaret Hoad: "Clive Bateman is the type of man one meets all too often, when dancing with different partners at my local ballroom dancing club in Bournemouth. I wish there were more gentlemen like the hero of this novel, Roger Harris - what a man!
  • Joan Anderson: "This happened to me on holiday in Brighton once; a young man crept into my room in the middle of the night by mistake. Did he learn a thing or two about it!"
  • Alan Morgan: "Great sex scenes in almost every chapter. I can recommend this book."
  • "For me, the most exciting scene was when Clive visted Gemma in her flat...."  ...George Johnson
  • "The best erotic novel is one that keeps you turning the pagesl…"   ...Eric, Brighton


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