Jendai Rilbury

Author of Erotic-Romances and Erotic-Thrillers

The novels from Jendai Rilbury are much more than standard erotica and unlike any romance you've read. While each book contains numerous explicit sex scenes, they are not included simply for the sake of adding erotica, but each act is part of a complex series of events.

Her Fall from Grace!In his erotic-thriller, "Her Fall From Grace", we follow the story of how a young wife, devoted to her husband for almost a decade, surrenders herself to the sexual advances of a series of despicable men in a maelstrom of sexual encounters during a hectic 10-day period in order to help save her husband's life.

Each demanding partner is a new experience for Helen, teaching her a variety of skills and knowledge about sexual desires and lust filled copulation. With the rapid growth of her own sexual appetite during this short period, she has to decide whether to give in to her desires, or control them. Click here to read more.


Her Gift of LoveYou will find "Her Gift Of Love" is an erotic romance, which although it is replete with sex, lust, and passion is a different kind of novel. It follows the desparate story of a young family man who loves his wife and young son, but lusts for the seductive body of another woman.

In this novel you follow the downward spiral of this young man as he becomes involved in a lust-filled romance with an older woman, through his many sexual adventures. Meanwhile, his deserted wife finds solace in the arms of another man, who provides her with the sex and romance she has been missing. Click for more!



Love is on the Rocks"Love Is On The Rocks" tells the tortuous romance of a happily married couple seeking to sell the business they inherited and settle down in Devon. The husband's greed for the higher price comes at an unexpected price. He succombs to the passionate advances of a voluptuous woman, leading him along a trail of sex and lust.

This novel is guaranteed to keep the pages turning as you follow the diverse stories of the husband and wife when they travel to Scotland in order to close the sale of the business. Once there, they're both trapped in a whirlwind of romantic liaisons and sexual lust, which threatens to tear apart their happy marriage. Click here for more!



In The Name Of Love

This powerful erotic romance from Jendai Rilbury tells the story of two couples living in Northern England in the early 1960’s who in the name of love, decide to swap partners. There was no plan, it just happened, but the lust and sex it aroused was amazing.

Grant is happily married to his 22-year old gorgeous wife, April, but when he meets up with the woman who first seduced him some 10-years earlier, things get out of control. April just wants to settle down and start a family and when a man more than twice her age makes some exciting promises, she is unable to resist his advances.

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Love is On the Rocks!

This novel is a "slow-burner" in that it begins just like a normal period novel with a happy husband and wife living in England during the 1950’s. However, Bill Beckett and his beautiful wife, Joan, are unhappy living in London and want relax in the peaceful Devon countryside.

Problems begin to emerge when he accepts a generous offer for the family business he inherited; a magnificent sum that will put them both on ‘easy street’ for the rest of their lives. They travel north to Scotland on the Flying Scotsman, and when they arrive, the troubles start. Their happy marriage begins to fall apart, when he is driven by greed, sex and lust.

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She's No Angel

Jack Gisborne is a reprobate senior manager who over the years has become skilled at taking advantage of his younger female employees without complaint. He has even built up a 'special team' of pliant women that he preyed upon throughout the stores in his region, but sometimes they manage to retaliate, as did Russian born Wendy when he paid her a visit.

He meets his match, however, when the ambitious Annette Bowles crosses his path. She is anxious for her fiancé, Bernard Saunders, to get a well-earned promotion and the young couple agree to use every tactic they know, to fast-track him to success. Annette flaunts her attractive 21-year old body at Jack on every occasion they meet, until one day he takes up the challenge. Click Here to read more...



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Jendai Rilbury

After a stint of two-decades in writing for others, Jendai Rilbury wrote his first novel in 2004. "Her Gift Of Love" soon became a bestselling novel in its genre of erotic romance/erotica and since then he has written 2 more novels.

Jendai lives in Paris, travels to Sydney in Australia, to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Tokyo at least once every couple of years. In between travels to the East, he likes to spend at least a month each year in the USA, mostly in New York and Los Angeles. He says that he's seeking locations for his novels, but I think it's rather more than that...

He plans to produce at least one new novel each year, but don't be surprised if it is more!