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And you only have so many days...

If you were 62-years old and somebody was to ask your age, you would probably say 62 years unless you were completely anal and said 62 years, 2 months, 10 days, 3 hours, 4 minutes, and 12 seconds.

My question to you is “What is it that is 62 years old?” because your body is comprised of atoms that were created in the big bang some 20 billion years ago. The laws of physics state quite categorically that no matter can be created or destroyed, only changed. This means that the material that comprises your body is actually some 20-billion years old!

On the other hand, when you look in the mirror and see your magnificent self the body you see today is not the body that was here last year this time. Once again those imbecilic scientists tell us that 99.9% of our body cells are replenished each year. Therefore, each year when you admire yourself in the mirror on your birthday you are looking at somebody that wasn’t here last year.

So, back to my question, “What is it that is 62 years old?”

The scientists are like a dog with a bone, and not leaving it at telling us we are 20-billion years old in one breath and less than a year old in the next breath, they also tell us that our DNA does far more than store the template that creates your body exactly as intended. They freely admit that they understand less than 1% of exactly what DNA does hold, but this does not stop them from theorizing and postulating further thoughts. Thoughts we ordinary mortals take as facts, because of their impeccable source.

The next pearl of wisdom they dispensed is that all our thoughts, actions, and experience gained from the moment of conception to this moment, are not stored in our brains at all. They are actually stored in the DNA of each and every cell of our body!

This last piece of information is wonderful, because it explains how the lunatic in Ward 6 of your local mental institution who thinks he’s Napoleon probably has part of his DNA intermingled with his own, and is as sane as you or I. Furthermore, I’m afraid that Shirley McLaine has not lived many different lives, but she simply has considerable DNA from her ancestors; together with a vivid imagination.

So there we have it, everything that is you is stored in your DNA and passed on to future generations each time you help create a baby. Sadly, no sooner is your body declared dead than your relatives will rush to bury or burn it—destroying your DNA for ever—before they hasten to your wake in order to read your will in great hope, get highly merry on your booze, and lie to each other about what a wonderful person you were.

Far better if they could each store some of your DNA until such times as our scientists unlock the 99% that still defeats them and enable the world to share your every thought and experience.

But I digress. Let us return to that mirror you look-in each day. The reason you appear like you do, my friend, is because since birth you have been unconsciously moulding your body on what you see around you. At school, you probably looked up to some athletic senior student and wished your pre-pubertal body could look like that. You were probably also influenced by your parents and close relatives, which is why people today may remark how much you look like one or other of them.

Have you ever seen a couple who have been married for decades and have steadily grown to resemble each other? There are even instances of people who have grown to resemble a dog they have lovingly petted and groomed each day for many years. You see, what you look at in the mirror each day is what you have been creating steadily and remorselessly each and every day. Whether it has been influenced by others in childhood—a most important time in our bodily development—or later in life, you have become the person you see each and every day. That’s confusing, so let me try and explain.

When you look in the mirror at yourself, what you see and think create you. If you have other people that you see constantly at home or work, you may find part of them in what you see in the mirror.

You don’t have to look that way at all.

You can fat, thin, tall, small, handsome, or even beautiful. It is really and totally up to you. Amazingly, without an operation, without exercise, and with very little energy you can still become the person you would really like to be!

The scientists tell us that everything can be changed. The DNA in each of your billions and trillions of body cells has been instructed to create you by two things:

  • The original DNA template you were born with, and
  • The changes in the DNA from your life experiences.

This simply means that you are what you think about. The scientists have more or less proven, in their inimitable way, that you can change how you look simply by thinking and believing you can. Your current thoughts are stored in your DNA and will eventually change your DNA, which in turn changes your body. Simple, isn’t it.

Let me put it even more simply.

If you find a photograph of yourself, which is how you would like to look once again, have it enlarged and copied many times. Cover every mirror in your home with the image of the person you are going to become; cover the ceiling in your bedroom and the walls around the house.

Finally, believe that you are gradually changing into this young, virile, athletic person. If you believe, truly believe and have faith, you will change—and you will change far quicker than you might expect.

I look forward to meeting with you on your impending visit, but do not be alarmed if you are accosted by a handsome 25-year old man who shakes you by the hand and declares to be me—I am making fine progress with my transition. On the other hand, if you see a kiddie in diapers wondering around asking for you, please take care of him because it means I’ve overdone it—as usual!