What Important Feature Is Missing From Your Headlines And Costing You Money?

It's obvious, but so many don't have it!

It is the one thing that prevents them from clicking on Delete and makes them read your Copy!

You may get 10,000 visitors to your Website, and perhaps 2% of them interact and complete one of your forms, allowing you to add them to your mailing list. However, the 98% who leave your Website, usually within the first few seconds of arrival, will never knowingly return. That means 9,800 potential customers are gone for ever—and you may be losing that number every month, week, or even every day!

Your headline is the feature that mostly influences your visitor to read on or leave immediately, because when they read those large, bold words at the top of your page, they decide whether your Website has something they want.

A great headline must interest the visitor to your Website, because in that first glance they will decide whether to read further or click on Delete and close your page. You are already a crackerjack copywriter and you know that to interest your reader with your headlines you must include a benefit or two.

That works, and can encourage your visitors to read some of your copy. Take a look at the following headline that was used by a UK garden decking company about 3-years ago:

You Don't Have To Be Cramped-Up Inside Your Home
Garden Decking Can Increase Your Living Space And
Enrich The Quality Of Your Life!

It is not a good headline, but it promised some benefits, and almost 2% of visitors joined their mailing list. However, there is something missing from that headline; an ingredient that can make a massive difference to their conversion rate, and of course their profits.

The problem is that the headline predicts what you are going to read further down the page. You know that you are going to read all about great garden decks and this is fine if you are looking for garden decking. But this predictability of your copy can prohibit many readers from continuing down the page. They know what to expect and decide it is not what they want.

The feature that is missing from the above headline is curiosity.

Your headline has to intrigue the visitor in such a way that they just have to continue reading your copy, and you can do this easily by making them curious. Once I added the missing ingredient of curiosity to the headline at Topdeck, their conversions went up through the roof to a massive 10% and more!

How To Use The Secrets Of Good Deck Design And
Deck Building To Enhance Your Home And Garden,
Increase Living Space, and Save Money!

The rest of the copy on the page was virtually untouched, just cleaned up here and there to complement the promise in the headline. Once you make a promise you must deliver it quickly and in abundance, or your visitors give up and move on to the next Website. You can read the page on their Website and judge for yourself: www.Topdeck.UK.com

You are a good copywriter, so you do not need more examples of curiosity in headlines. However, think about a conversation in the bar with your good friend; if your friend says, “I’ve started to build a garden deck, today…” You are likely to turn back to your beer with a big sigh. However, if your friend says, “I learned the secret of building a good deck, today…” you are likely to ask what it was—in other words, you want to know more.

To increase your Website ratings, your readership, your conversions, and your profits you must first make your readers curious enought to read the whole page!