7 Reasons Why You Should Write an Article

And once you start, don't stop!

Most of you do not realise exactly how creative you are, and think that you cannot write two words one after the other, but when among a group friends or family you can talk for hours…

Well, writing articles is simply that—talking to your friends on paper. You don’t have to worry about spelling and bad grammar, initially at least. It is far more important to get the words down exactly as you think of them.

Here are 7 reasons why you should write an article, today!

  • You are all experts at something—if you are not sure about your favourite topic, ask your spouse or partner because they will know! You all have a subject or two that enthuses you to the extent that you have been involved with it for some time, and if not an expert on the topic, you do have some definite opinions about it.
  • It may be something that annoys you, which can result in some great articles that may interest a lot of readers. It is also a good way of letting off steam—far better than kicking the cat across the room every time you get annoyed.
  • Once you start the writing process, you may find that there is a lot to say about your particular subject. You can write a series of articles with related topics that you may publish in an eBook.
  • You can distribute your articles to your mailing list, submit them to major article directories, or publish them on your Website. Some authors charge a fee for access to their articles, which can contain valuable information.
  • Your articles may be rich in popular keywords and this can attract vast numbers of visitors to your Website. Your author resource box, which is at the end of articles that are published elsewhere, can also drive qualified traffic to your Website. Search Engines like Google love popular keywords!
  • When your Website publishes a wide selection of good articles that you pack with valuable, interesting, and topical information, you will find that other 'higher-ranking' Websites may link back to you. This pushes up your rankings with the Search Engines.
  • An article that has 'hot' information or topics that make it viral—one that is rapidly distributed throughout the Internet—provides the author with tremendous traffic, advertising, and publicity. All of which can increase your net income!

Stop reading this article right now, and open your word processor and start writing. Don't stop to think, just let the words flow as fast as you can type them. It does not matter that you write mostly rubbish at first, because that is normal. What you will find is that once you start on your own 'hot' topic, they words will flow more fluently and your first article is born.

Well, actually, before its birth as a published article, you must edit and re-write it a number of times until it becomes a professional article. You can even 'sleep on it' for a few days, and when you come back to it you will often find many areas of improvement.