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You will find everything you need to know about operating your own successful Publishing Business from home or a small office. Learn valuable publishing secrets on how to create, publish, market, promote, and sell products and services on the Internet.

The rapid growth and improvement in Websites that encourage self-publishers to write and create their own eBooks and Manuals has completely changed the publishing world. An author no longer has to spend wasted years looking for a Literary Agent or an Editor at a publishing house to review his or her latest novel or text-book. You can upload it for sale within hours of completing the manuscript and get positive feedback from your readers.

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The information now available to you includes:

  • Articles: a fast growing range of articles on business related subjects packed with tips and ideas that illustrate how to make money on the Internet
  • Products: a selection of business eBooks and software products from our shop to help you make a rapid start or progress in your own business
  • Publish eBook: pages of free information on eBooks, including how to write, create, edit, publish, market, and promote them successfully
  • Publish Website: in this free section on Websites you can learn exactly how to design, write compelling copy, upload to the Internet, find targeted traffic, and much more
  • Publish CD-ROM & DVD: find information from experts on creating a CD-ROM or DVD, from how to create content, write the copy, make it interactive, to publishing it!
  • Publish Videos: pages of detailed information and instructions on creating and publishing Videos.
  • Social Media: every business needs to become involved in developing active social media.

Our editors update these pages frequently; new information and vital links to other business Websites are regularly added. You can bookmark pages you wish to view again.



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There are two features that are changing the way people are using the Internet, and over the next few years they will dominate the World Wide Web. You must understand and use them in your business, or you will be left behind.

  • 1. The Use of Video: People are spending more time than ever on the internet, but much less time in reading content on Website pages. Instead, they prefer to receive information through quality video productions.
  • 2. The Use of App's: The computer as we now know it is dying, both desktop and notebook versions. The vast majority of people using the Internet in the next decade will access the information they want through other digital devices by using App's.
  • 3. Self-Publishing: Learn the tricks and techniques to get your latest eBook highly ranked. You must start with the best format for your manuscsript, because if not prepared well, the result is a mish-mash of information.

You need to understand these two subjects and the impact they are going to have on your business.

eBook Writing, Marketing, and Publishing

Easy Steps to Create and Publish your eBook

Never has it been so quick and easy to write, publish, and sell all kinds of publication—thanks to an expanding range of digital software for the Internet. This section of the Website is packed with everything you need to know about successful eBook publishing, including:

  • Introduction: a summary of eBook publishing that includes the various types and subject matter that can be compiled, and a few of the many benefits of eBook publishing;
  • Subjects: your writer's block will be instantly cleared in this section on subjects and topics for eBooks. There are many examples and ideas, plus links to help you find exactly the right subject for your next book;
  • Writing: the topic of writing an eBook is covered in great detail, from selecting the title to writing a summary outline. There are many tips on writing, from how to make the best use of your time and write successfully to general research and finally, your writing style;
  • Editing: when you have written your manuscript, it must be edited and this section has a wealth of information on proof-reading and editing your copy;
  • Assessing: the next stage is to obtain an assessment of your manuscript. You must take professional advice before you spend money on publishing and marketing your eBook;
  • Publishing: there are many different publishing formats for your eBook, and many people now publish each manuscript in a number of them to maximise sales.
  • Marketing: in this section we list more than 20 ways to market and promote your eBook on the World Wide Web, from choosing and testing the right price to setting up a one-book Website.
  • eBook Consultant: once you have the basic knowledge on this subject, you may think about being an eBook consultant. This can be a rewarding business where you bring together writer—publisher—marketer, or simply do the whole thing yourself;
  • eBook Course: some professional training and tuition is available in the eBook course from Power College, where you can become an expert in 12 short weeks.

On each page of this eBook section, you will find many useful links to other Websites, which can supply you with specific information on a variety of topics related to eBook publishing.

Website Design & Publishing

Get Your Website Online, Today!

In the last 2 decades, the World Wide Web has gone from the very first Web page, which was published by Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the WWW) on August 6, 1991 to numerous millions of Websites and literally billions of Web pages.

Your Website has to be structured along extremely specific guidelines, if you wish to compete with any degree of success for people to visit you and then take action; fill out a form, make a purchase, or download a free product. You can access free information on this subject:

  • Introduction: how to define the main purpose of your Website, with live examples of some basic types;
  • Structure: the structure and navigation of your Website is tremendously important, because if you confuse your visitors, you will quickly lose them;
  • Design: you must take care with the page design and colour, and the object must be to make it easy and pleasant to read, while maintaining your company brand;
  • Writing Copy: the next step to creating a successful Website, is writing the copy! You must keep the objective of each page firmly in mind, when writing the copy;
  • Interactivity or Web 2.0: there has been an explosion of creating interactivity on Websites throughout the Internet, this section helps you decide if your pages require it, and exactly how to create good interactive elements;
  • Publish on the Internet: it can be quick and simple to upload and publish your Website on the Internet, and this section provides useful tips and links to free software;
  • Promoting: the first steps to successful promotion of your Website mostly start when your create each page by using good tags, links, and navigation. Once it is published, there are a number of ways to promote it and encourage visitors;
  • Website Consultant: there is increasing demand for professional consultants from both large and small companies that want a successful Website, Search Engine Optimisation, or pay per click advertising.

Once you have mastered on the free information in this Website development section, you can consider the business of becoming a consultant to the millions of people who are still without a Website. This is a growing and developing market, because every Website can soon become outdated and require an upgrade.


Profitable DVD and CD-ROM Publishing

How to Create and Publish Digital Media

Your modern computer is equipped to create a CD-ROM or DVD that will run on almost any computer, and this section provides considerable free information on the successful publishing of these products.

  • Introduction: the background to both DVD and CD-ROM development, the various types now available on the market, and their most popular application;
  • Subject Matter: how to select and research the subject of your application; starting with topics that you know and understand is usually best;
  • Content Material: the files and other material that you can include in the contents of your DVD or CD-ROM application. You must use the space wisely, and there are lists of typical material to include, plus various technical files that are necessary;
  • Copy Writing: how to write the copy for your disk application in order to make it most effective is the subject of this section.
  • Design and Navigation: your design is most important, if you want the application to be used many times. You can learn good design and navigation tips for your CD-ROM;
  • Publishing: you can compile a DVD or CD-ROM with most modern computers that have a DVD writer installed. Tips on how to make it load quickly and automatically, plus valuable links to various authoring software are included;
  • Selling: when you are happy with your product, you will want to market and promote it, and there is valuable information on this subject;
  • Course: you can take a distance learning course had have the benefit of a personal tutor provide one2one training, if you wish to fast-track your learning curve in this subject.

There are many interesting methods of compiling, publishing, and selling a DVD or CD-ROM on the Internet or through retail stores. This free section with its detailed information can provide an excellent starting point, and the course will ensure your success.

Video Creation & Publishing

How to Make a Viral Video

Digital video cameras have been around for many years, and today, many mobile cell phones have video capabilities. To create a professional looking video for the Internet, you need a camera with high resolution, and a stand so that your movie does not shake and shudder. The in-built video camera that comes with most laptop and notebook computers is sufficient to take a head-shot clip that you may wish to include within a PowerPoint presentation, which you convert to a movie.

Video editing software is the perfect way to compile all of your videos and photos, edit professional home videos and publish the finished movie online. Modern computers often are supplied with free or demo versions of video editing software, but there is a great range of low-cost software available online.